Since October 2008 any residential property being let will require the landlord to provide an Energy Performance Certificate - valid for 10 years - to prospective tenants.  

Rental properties are covered by the Energy Performance of Buildings Regulations which was laid before Parliament at the end of March 2007. 

Once obtained the certificate will be valid for 10 years but can be renewed earlier if the landlord wishes to reflect any energy efficiency improvements made.


All lettings within the 10 year valid period will be able to make use of the same Energy Performance Certificate, but the law states a landlord must show it to any prospective tenant.

The results of an EPC will become an important factor as tenants will consider the cost of heating and lighting when choosing a rental property.  After all it is them who will be paying for the gas and electricity which heats the property and so the incentive for energy saving measures to be carried out is important.

A pre-inspection can also be carried out to advise landlords of energy efficiency measures that can be carried out prior to the production of an EPC.

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